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About ME

Hi, my name is Jon, seven years working as a web designer and an e-commerce specialist. It’s been a pleasure sharing my expertise and experiences here on my website.

Welcome to JonMartin.TV

Sharing Web Design and e-Commerce tips. He will provide weekly in-depth and comprehensive principles with videos and podcasts.

We will most cover graphic design, front-end programming, UX-UI, and digital marketing related to e-commerce. We will discuss freelancing tips, successful clients, handling your finance, and a few software reviews.

I establish JonMartin.TV to encourage people to try out new things. You will gain confidence and motivation if you learn skills. 

I’m writing podcasts, articles, and videos for people interested in becoming web designers related to e-commerce like me. This website is friendly for those who have no or limited technical knowledge.

About - JonMartin.TV
About JonMartin.TV
About JonMartin.TV

Consultant for More Than 7 Years

Companies opened the opportunity for me to work with professionals and talented teams. The experiences are priceless.

I served in a corporate office for almost three years. Both experience as an employee and a consultant is invaluable. A career decision that I have enjoyed because you work on the codes, graphics, and digital advertising.

Writer of Various Curriculums

In 2018, the Government assigned me to work with TESDA, a Philippines’ Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority. We are comprises 5 authors and designers who develop the direction, policies, programs, and standards towards quality technical education and skills development to Web Development and Visual Graphic Design. We focused explicitly on two documentation: training regulations (TR) and competency assessment tools (CATs). Afterward, I became one of the National Assessors of said discipline.

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