Who Am I?

Before becoming an EduCreator, Jon worked as an online graphic designer back in 2010 after he finished the Information Technology at ACLC. Due to his low earning, he decided to increase his expertise by subscribing to multiple online courses and youtube even if it was a small video platform before.

From being a graphic designer, he pursued his way up and eventually became a Web Designer and SEO Specialist after a few months of discipline. He advances to thrive and be successful in life. Thanks to his hard work, perseverance, and honest working remotely. In 2015, he worked as a digital marketing specialist at Ortigas, Pasig, and served in the corporate world for nearly three years. In his free time, he develops his little dream to build a small Online Course Website and that’s where Nate Helix Education was born.

This webpage is intended to share his experience not only for the children but as well as OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers), who is determined to learn an additional skill. Because of this, he finally became one of the industry expert authors of two Training Regulations and Competency Assessment Tools of TESDA, known as the Visual Graphic Design NC III and Web Dev NC III.

Jon also received the honor of becoming a National Lead Assessor and progresses to screen new assessors of TESDA all over the Philippines. At this present moment, Jon is teaching several programming languages, software including educational games that are useful in academic teachings for students ranging in Grade 6 up to 12.

What is Nate Helix?

Nate Helix is an Online Course Website that aims to share quality lessons for small groups such as OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers, individuals who are interested to learn new skills, and students who want to develop abilities in the field of arts, design, and technology. The technology stated above related to web programming languages regularly practiced in the internet industry.

The how-to or tutorials that utilize graphic designs for marketing perspective, production of videos for advertising, and for content creations before the application of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. That includes Education Games that are engaged in by the instructors to share specific expertise for students, which are not accepted in some minorities due to the general negative stigma,  “Time-Killer” or “Waste of Time”.

Although the rise of simulation games is wide-spread around the world, educational games such as Minecraft, a non-competitive game promotes academic knowledge and values in the foundation of learning.

Educational Games?

Many people and kids nowadays spend their time endlessly playing well-known games today, such as MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), fighting, shooting, and gambling. With the negative feedback and psychological effect resulting from long hours of playing, kids and adults suffer from addiction, violent behaviors, and most of all, unable to cope with stable living due to a wasted investment of time on digital entertainment.

On the other hand, Educational Games are far more valuable and beneficial because these programs are meant to give out lots of valuable information that the students can apply in their daily lives and even for the future. Most of all, this software does not advocate violence, unnecessary mature languages, and obvious “time-killers”.

For instance:

  • Minecraft Education – Programming, chemistry, math, designing, and many academic courses.
  • Planet Zoo – Simulated animals that teach zoology, and zoo management.
  • Cities Skylines – Teaches civics, managing taxes, handling types of businesses, and citizens.
  • Jurassic World Evolution – Learn about the different kinds of dinosaurs and how they live after a billion years have passed. Also explains the business work-flow, investment, and financial management.


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