New products will be posted by january 2022.

digital products will be posted on January 2022.

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Are you available for project-based work?

For now, I cannot accept any project-based work because piles of work are preoccupied with me at the moment. But thank you for having the interest to hire me and present an opportunity to work with you.

Can we hire you to work abroad / out of the country?

Yes, absolutely! However, I would like to know everything about the job descriptions and offers to balance “our” decisions and needs. Here are my lists.

  1. If you want to hire me, you should also hire my common partner. He is a graphic designer and creative person. Here’s his website:
  2. I want to bring my three dogs even though I will shoulder the plane tickets and vaccine documents.
  3. We prefer Europe or Canada because they grant free healthcare and reliable retirement.
  4. Legal documents
  5. Excellent salary
  6. Long-term offer. More than two years.
We want to hire you as our consultant.

For now, I cannot accept any offers. Thank you so much for selecting me as your option. I appreciate it.

Do you teach online regarding web design?

No, I cannot. .

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