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What is usability?

Mar 15, 2021 | News, Uncategorized

What is Usability?

Usability is the quality of how users use the page more without struggle. It improves every website and phone interface into an ease-of-use and intuitive regardless of site content. Experienced web designers or UX-UI experts accomplish a successful usability experience by creating well-studied wireframes. A page schematic or screen blueprint serves as a visual guide with lines combined with sticky notes to state the user’s experience while browsing the page. They regularly measure and examine the development process page by page to the final deliverables.

Why Is Usability Important Than Aesthetics?

If the website is challenging to use, the users cannot find valuable information quickly. People will leave and look at other resources on the internet. A single click can affect the web site’s ranking and relevancy. Applying the usability principles on the page state the features and benefits, the instruction needed, and what users can do on the site.

For instance, in eCommerce, People can intuitively find how to browse products, read descriptions, order, and payments in simple clicks. If they need help, they see the contact page instantly without spending 10 seconds. Because if the buyer gets lost and confused, they leave! When they go, it is losing potential sales.

If they cannot find the product, they cannot buy it either.

How to Apply Usability and Improve An Existing Website?

Get a manageable experiment with a small group of people. Preferably five individuals who are non-techy and non-internet savvy. They can use the website in the office or remotely, both desktop and smartphones as well. Request the users to accomplish simple tasks (ex., buy the product) and list all the things that make it complicated to achieve. Do not provide help, hint, or direct their attention to any information. Such actions will cheat the test results. Conduct the test in a place where no distractions. 

On the latter, observe and let them do the talking and document all suggestions and comments. The representative must submit all information to project managers and senior web developers to resolve the issues.

If the team has no UX-UI experience, then hire a good one. 


Hence, usability makes the website easy to use. Present the page with straightforward content, accessible interface that makes the user NEVER THINK. Like Steve Krug said, “Nothing important should ever be more than just two clicks away.”


  • Steve Krug, Do not Make Me Think – 2nd Edition, Peachpit 




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